Picking A Niche

How Do I Pick A Niche?

One of the most important things you have to do is to find and pick your niche. Doing the research up front to educate yourself about the niche you want to attack, will set you up for success. Understanding the clients who you will be selling to, and understanding what challenges that they are facing will separate you from all of the other marketers trying to get their business. Also doing the research to see what other marketers are in your niche is a good idea, and don’t get discouraged if you find some who have already selected the same niche. As you can see from my Day 13 video, just because there are already marketers in your niche, doesn’t immediately identify them as a threat. Instead, I found two companies already in my niche, but the system that I was trying to deploy did not infringe on their services, and they actually helped promote me.

picking a profitable niche

Where To Start?

When trying to decide on a niche, you should ask these 3 questions

  • What are the most profitable industries?
  • Are There Any Other Companies Providing The Same Service?
  • How much can you make or charge per sale?

We found this unbelievable resource that shows you some of the most profitable niches – https://katz.co/1736/

You can download the two Service Magic Lead Fee PDF’s below:

Lead Fee Schedule PDF

Another Resource

Here is another article that my buddy Glen put together. It’s a great read and provides specific examples.