How do you set pricing?

You are overthinking it. Remember that 80% of the stuff you think matters, doesn’t matter. You make the price up. Whatever they will pay, and keep on paying. Your job is not to know their sales numbers or margins down to a science. It’s your job to be passionate about a bad ass technology that is going to help their business. Sell it for whatever they will buy it for. Apologize later if it doesn’t meet expectations.

Do you run CPC/CPM or CPA for your retargeting ads?

We run CPM. Which stands for ‘cost per thousand’, meaning what is your cost for every 1,000 times your ad is shown.

Who do you use for your payment processor? PayPal?

I have an e-merchant account through e-processingnetwork.com. It allows me to take credit card payments, and set up recurring payments. I can’t recommend setting up one of these enough. It costs you 2-3% per transaction, but you will lose more than that if you are trying to chase checks.

Do you use quick books for invoicing?

For invoicing, I simply create an excel document and export it to PDF. We just got setup on quickbooks, but we have someone specifically in that role doing it. I never had time for it, and you don’t need to worry about it when you first start. We were a $3.2 million/year company before we even started to get on quickbooks.

At what point did you register an LLC for tax purposes? After the first couple clients?

I wouldn’t worry about it until you realize that you have something. Like a handful of happy clients.