Geoff Frink
Geoff Frink
Execution is Everything is run by me, Geoff Frink, an entrepreneur and CEO of several online marketing businesses. I have teams that I manage, and businesses that I run, and I have learned and developed online marketing skills and systems and processes that have created several extremely successful companies that not only provide an excellent income and living for myself, but also employ many people who we have given an opportunity to work and grow with us, all from our own homes in our pajamas.

The motivation why I am creating this site truly is my own brother and friends. I talk to them and a lot of them are not satisfied with life. They are not upset or living frustrating lives where they hate what they do, but they are not necessarily excited about what they do, or not excited about their income. This site is meant for those type people. The people who are not 100% content with their job / income. The people who complain about their job, or their commute, or their co-workers, or how the price of gas is too high. This site is for people who are not complacent with their lives right now, and want to make a change. The people who are willing to put in the WORK to make a change.

No one is going to do it for you. No one is going to hand you a check, or a stack of cash, or a successful business. You are going to have to put in the work. This means you might have to punt on social activities for a few years. This might mean you have to cut down on the happy hours you go to every week. This might mean you have to tell your loved ones that you are going to have to make a major change in your life (and that it is going to effect them directly), but you have to make this change because you only get one life.

You only play this game once. Are you going to take “how it is”? Or are you going to take action and demand “this is how it’s gonna be.”